'Afghan workers will continue to work from home.. 'UN after Taliban ban on female workers

The United Nations has allowed Afghan workers to work from home due to restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women’s work.

He said all Afghan workers would continue to work from home because of the sanctions. UN Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq said on Friday that there has been no change in our position.

Earlier, the UN said it would review its actions and that Afghan staff would continue to work from home. UN said we are working to decide on appropriate working modalities.

400 women work in UN”Obviously, we have a challenge because the needs of the Afghan people are enormous and we intend to meet those needs, but at the same time, we have our Operations are obviously disrupted.

Haq said that there are very difficult years ahead for the Afghan people. The UN has 3,300 Afghan personnel, of whom about 400 are women. While around 600 international workers in the country are not affected by the ban.

UN is helping in health and education sectors

Haque said aid work continues in areas such as health and education where the UN has been able to secure some limited relaxation of restrictions on Afghan women.

However, he indicated that some UN agencies may take a different approach. “I believe that different agencies have different mandates regarding the provision of assistance and therefore they have different ways of handling the situation,” Haq said.

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