A man in Belgium suicide after 6&weeks conversation with chatbot about climate issue, surprising story behind the case

According to reports, the name of the chatbot is Eliza. The person who committed suicide used to talk to Eliza about climate change. After talking to the chatbot for several weeks, he started having suicidal thoughts.

The conversation started two years ago

The Belgian youth began to worry about climate change two years before the Daily Mail reported. He was starting to fear that the way the world was using coal and pollution was spreading. Due to this, poisonous gases will soon start spreading on the earth.

It was then that the person started talking to the chatbot ‘Eliza’. La Libre, the wife of the young man who committed suicide, says that her husband had become addicted to Eliza within a few weeks of talking to her. His wife says that Eliza has become like a drug to her. If I had not spoken to him, my husband would have been alive today.

Talked to chatbot before committing suicide

According to Daily Mail, a few weeks before the suicide, the young man had increased the conversation with the chatbot. The young man’s wife told a Belgian newspaper that before talking to the chatbot, he was living a comfortable life with his two children.

The chatbot once even asked the young man whether he loved her more or his wife. She had told the young man that they would live life together in heaven. Wife La Libre says that before the suicide, her husband had told the chatbot that such thoughts were coming in his mind. The chatbot still didn’t try to stop him from committing suicide.

The family reached out to the government regarding restrictions on chatbots

After her husband’s suicide, La Libre has appealed to the Belgian government to regulate and ban the use of chatbots so that this does not happen again in the future.

In this whole matter, Secretary of State for the Digital Department, Mathew Mitchell said that what happened to this family is dangerous, there is a need to stop such incidents. At the same time, the company that created the chat bot Eliza has also promised the family that they will make it better.

What is a chatbot

Chatbot means chatting with a machine, but in this you will get the feeling of talking to a human being. It is a conversational AI. An artificial intelligence with which you can interact like humans.

That is, if you ask him anything, he will answer that question in a crisp manner by writing in detail like humans. It will be very accurate.

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