Twitter can now increase the limit of 280 characters, can be tweeted in more words

Twitter can now increase the limit of 280 characters in its platform. The company’s new president Elon Musk himself gave this information. With this, users will now get an opportunity to present their ideas in more ways.

Only 280 characters are available to do a tweet on Twitter. After this limit, users have to reduce the words, due to which the users also have to face a lot of trouble. But now this problem may soon go away.

What is twitter going to do now

After Elon Musk took over Twitter, many new steps are going to be taken. He has told that Twitter may soon increase its limit of 280 characters.

Told this to Musk while replying to a user. Which asked him question whether we can get rid of the character limit or can we expand it. Responding to this question, Musk said ‘Absolutely’.

The limit has already been increased

At the time of its launch, Twitter had set a limit of 140 characters for a tweet, but in November 2017, the company increased it to 280 characters. Since then, the limit of 280 characters is running till now. However, even at that time many Twitter users had argued that due to the 280 characters, people would read the tweet less. Along with this, it was also said that users will spend less time on Twitter. But Twitter did not change its decision and the company remained on the limit of 280 characters.

1 percent of tweets go up to the limit of 280 characters

According to the company, Twitter will continue to be a short-lived platform. According to the data provided by the company, only 1 percent of tweets go up to the limit of 280 characters. Apart from this, 12 percent of the tweets are in the 140 character limit and 5 percent of the tweets are in the limit of 190 characters.

The Edit button was also demanded by Musk.

Let us also tell here that Elon Musk has also demanded an edit button from Twitter. After which the company has started this service for Blue subscribers in some countries.

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