Now tweet mistakes can be corrected without deleting, Twitter launched edit button

Micro blogging site Twitter has made a big announcement today. Twitter has given information by tweeting from its handle that it is working on the edit button. The edit button has started appearing on the accounts of some users but it has not been released to all the users yet.

Micro blogging site Twitter has made a big announcement today.  Twitter has given information by tweeting from its handle that it is working on the edit button.  In its tweet, Twitter has given information that if you see the button of Edit Tweet on your handle, then understand that testing is going on.

According to a Bloomberg report, Twitter is working on its edit button for the first time.  For years, there was a debate about the edit button on Twitter.  The edit button was being discussed both in and outside the company whether it would be the right decision or not?

But now Twitter itself has informed through its Twitter handle that it is working on this feature.  The company says that if a user sees the edit button, it means that testing is going on regarding the edit button.

Tweet started appearing on some accounts

According to Twitter’s tweet, the edit button has started appearing in some accounts.  However, this feature is currently in testing mode.  The company is testing to implement this feature to all users.

 Will the premium be visible to the subscriber?

 According to a Bloomberg report, the edit button feature will soon be available for users who have a subscription to Twitter Blue for $ 4.99 per month.  As the name of the feature suggests, this will allow the tweet to be edited after it is published.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Twitter is currently releasing this feature for only 30 minutes.  This means that the tweet can be edited up to 30 minutes after the tweet is published.

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