Did someone blocked you on whatsapp? find out using these ways

People on Whatsapp often do not even know that someone has blocked them or they have closed their account. So today we are going to tell you how you can check whether someone has blocked you or not.

WhatsApp allows to block any contact. If someone sends you unwanted messages, you can block them at any time. After blocking a contact, he will not be able to message or call you. But if someone has blocked you then how will you know that you have been blocked. Because even if the message is known, it gets closed even when someone closes their Whatsapp account. 

For this reason people often remain confused and do not understand whether someone has blocked them or they have closed their WhatsApp account. So today we are going to tell you how you can check whether someone has blocked you or not. WhatsApp itself has given some indicators for this, which we are going to tell you today.

What are those indicators

1. Once blocked by a contact, you will no longer be able to see their last seen or online status in their chat box. However it can also be due to the privacy settings selected by the user. But it is also an easy and prominent way to check whether someone has blocked you or not. 

2. If you are not able to see the DP of your contact on Whatsapp, then it may be that he has blocked you. However, even if a user deletes his photo or does not put it, his DP remains blank. Apart from this, there are also some settings to show whatsapp DP. 

3. The third indicator indicates that when you send a message to a contact, a double tick mark appears when the message has been delivered. But after being blocked, only a single tick mark will appear in it. 

Now if you see all these indicators, it is possible that you have been blocked by a contact. Yet some other possibility remains. According to WhatsApp, it itself has kept it vague to protect the privacy of the user.

How to Block and Unblock Someone on Whatsapp? 

1. To block someone, go to that contact’s chat box.

2. Tap on the 3 dots in the right side made there and go to the More option visible.

3.  After going to More, you will get the Block option, which will open a new window as soon as you tap it, in which you will have to tap on the Block option once again.

So to unblock someone there, after going to More in the chat box of the same contact, tap on the option of Unblock. 

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