Bug found in Apple Safari and iOS 16.1, can steal your confidential data, know details here

Cert In has warned users about vulnerabilities in Apple Safari and iOS 16.1. Apple has also released updates to fix these vulnerabilities. These bugs can affect Apple iOS and iPad OS and can steal your important data.

India’s cyber-security team, CERT-IN (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team), has warned Apple device owners about a bug in Apple’s web browser, Safari and iOS 16.1, that could allow malicious attackers to steal users’ sensitive information. can inspire.

Bug affecting Apple iOS and iPad OS

Describing these threats, Cert-In said in a press release that a number of vulnerabilities have been reported in the Apple iOS and iPad OS that allow remote attackers to “gain access to sensitive information, execute arbitrary code, and perform DoDs on the target device.” may allow attacks. ,

The cyber security agency also said that this vulnerability is being exploited in a fearful manner. Explain that it is used by attackers only to persuade the victim to open a specially crafted file or app.

Affected devices and OS versions

This is affecting all iPadOS versions prior to iPadOS 16 and iOS versions prior to iOS 16.0. The list of affected devices includes iPhone 8 and later phones, all iPad Pro models, third-gen iPad Air, later devices, and fifth-generation iPad mini and later devices. To protect themselves from this menace, iPhone users need to update to iOS 16.0.3 and iPadOS 16 on their devices.

Vulnerability affecting the Safari web browser

The cyber-security agency said these vulnerabilities could allow attackers to spoof via URLs, reveal sensitive information, or execute arbitrary code on targeted systems. Please note that these vulnerabilities affect all Safari versions prior to 16.1. Apple device owners can download the latest version of Apple’s web browser to protect themselves.

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