Are you bored with the old text format of WhatsApp? then try these tricks, chatting will be fun

Today we will talk about how you can make texting on WhatsApp interesting. Let’s know about it.

More than 5 billion people have download WhatsApp. It is one of the most used instant messaging apps worldwide. The company constantly brings exciting features to improve the user experience. From quoting replies, cross-platform compatibility, end-to-end encryption to one-time media sharing, features like messaging on WhatsApp always make the experience fun. 

But there are some users who do not know about many great features and interesting aspects of WhatsApp. Even though they have been users of WhatsApp for a long time, but do not know about these hidden features. So if you are a WhatsApp user and want to enhance your messaging experience on the app. So we are going to tell you some special highlights for chatting. These tricks are helpful for both Android and iOS users. 

How to format your WhatsApp chat 

You can see that users use different formats to highlight their words and replace the text. Send your messages in bold font, also write your chats in italics and share your thoughts as you can strike words. But how do you do this? This is a big question, so let’s know about it. 

Bold: You can bold the text of your chat by putting a star 

on either side of your text. For example, if you want to bold Hello, then you can write it *Hello*

Italics: If you send underscores on both sides of your text, your word becomes italic. Suppose you want to italicize Hello only, then you can write it as _Hello_

Strike-through: You can strike-through your text by typing it with a tilde. Let’s say if you want to strike Hello then you can type it ~Hello~

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