World Smile Day 2022: There are many benefits of laughing, along with staying young for a long time, the problem of sleeping sickness will also go away

World Smile Day 2022 Laughing is a different kind of exercise you don’t have to spent money nor any equipment is needed and there are many benefits of it. So today on World Laughing Day, we will tell you the health benefits of laughing.

World Smile Day 2022:  Office work, family responsibilities, stress have affected people’s health in many ways. For which people are taking all kinds of medicines, running in the gym, but have you heard about Laughing Therapy? Laughter has been called the best medicine. Laughing not only removes tension but also keeps many other diseases away. So on World Smile Day, today we will learn about the health benefits of laughing. 

1. Laughing will keep you young for a long time

People who are always laughing and happy tend to stay young longer than other people. Laughter gives good exercise to the facial muscles, which does not cause wrinkles on the face. The redness of the face increases.

2. Laughing helps in the problem of sleeping sickness 

Due to laughing, along with exercising the muscles, they also relax. This keeps the body away from many types of pain. Laughing also helps in the problems you have in sleepless nights. 

3. Laughing increases immunity

It has also been proved by many researches that laughing increases the immunity of the body, due to which the body is protected from diseases and you remain healthy for a long time.

4. Laughing gives relief from stress

Laughter also has a positive effect on the mind. Laughter keeps the memory strong. People who laugh a lot stay far away from stress.

5. Laughing keeps you positive

Laughing releases hormones called endorphins in the body, which keeps a person positive throughout the day. This hormone is helpful in refreshing the mood.

There are many benefits of laughing, that’s why it is said that laughing is the best medicine 

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