These symptoms are seen in the body due to liver damage, get treatment at the right time

Doctors say that if liver diseases are identified and treated in the early stages, then serious conditions can be prevented. Liver disease is detected by our digestive process and appetite patterns.

Liver is an important part of our body. From digesting food to keeping the chemical level of blood in the body under control, this organ also works. The effect of the slightest defect in the liver starts appearing on the whole body. But due to bad lifestyle and bad eating habits, the cases of liver disease are increasing continuously. Diseases like fatty, liver, liver cirrhosis have become quite common. Even at a young age, people are falling prey to these diseases.

Doctors say that if liver diseases are detected and treated early, then the serious condition can be prevented. Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar told that the diagnosis of liver disease is known from our digestive process and appetite pattern. Because due to liver disease, the balance of leptin and ghrelin hormone starts to deteriorate. These hormones are responsible for hunger in the body. If suddenly the appetite starts decreasing and the diet becomes less than before. So understand that this is an early symptom of some liver disease.

Impaired digestive system

If there is pain in the stomach immediately after eating and there is a desire to pass stools frequently, then this is also a sign of liver disease. It can also be a symptom of cirrhosis, cirrhosis is a dangerous disease of the liver, which if not treated on time can also lead to liver failure. Apart from this, if the eyes or nails remain yellow, then this is also a sign of liver disease. Doctors should be consulted immediately on seeing all these symptoms. Negligence in this matter can be fatal.

How to take care of liver

Exercise regularly

Exercise daily to keep the liver healthy. This keeps the body physically active and protects against many diseases.

Do not drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol in excess can lead to the build-up of fat in the liver. It may be alcoholic fatty liver disease. So it is important not to consume alcohol

Eat a balanced diet

Take fruits, vegetables, beans, milk in the diet. Also, eat fiber rich food. This will help the liver to work better

Get regular liver checkups done

Liver function test can easily be done to check the liver. Get LFT done once in every 6 months

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