These new symptoms of covid can be seen in people even after getting vaccinated, Read here

New Symptoms Of COVID 19- Symptoms of COVID 19 have also changed over time. Despite getting full dose of vaccine, people are facing the problem of blocked nose and headache. Are these symptoms of COVID normal, let’s know about it.

New Symptoms Of COVID 19 – There has already been a significant reduction in the increasing cases of Covid-19 but still new cases of COVID 19 are coming up. Recently, WHO was warned that the epidemic is not over yet and people should be careful about it. The cases of corona virus are increasing not only in other countries but also in India.

As of December of 20, the total number of cases has increased to 4,46,69,421, out of which 6,402 are active cases. Despite getting all the three doses of corona vaccine, people are again feeling the symptoms of corona. However, now people are facing new symptoms along with old symptoms. What is normal for some can be serious for some. 

According to the recent analysis, these days the symptoms of Omicron are troubling people more. The symptoms of Omicron are similar to flu which people are ignoring. Although vaccinated people may have different symptoms. According to Every Day Health, vaccinated people may see different symptoms than before.

Symptoms of corona after vaccine

– Pain in hands and feet – Skin allergies – Redness in the eyes – Muscle pain – Severe headache – Sore throat – Sneezing

Why the change in symptoms is happening It is not completely clear why this change in symptoms is happening, but experts and professors at Stanford University believe that Zoe data is being seen with COVID-19 infection in the last few months. That’s why there can be a change in its symptoms.

Wherein Dr Winslow says that immunity has developed in people due to vaccination and prior infection, due to which the virus can react differently in the body. 

Mistaking it for flu, the symptoms of Omicron are similar to those of cold and flu, due to which people are negligent in testing and taking precautions for COVID 19. In case of slight chills or difficulty in breathing, it is necessary to get the test done immediately.

Otherwise, there may be more damage to the lungs. Apart from this, the use of masks has been completely stopped due to which cases are also increasing. It is necessary to identify the symptoms of COVID 19 and get it treated properly. Along with this, many diseases can be avoided by following the guidelines set by the government. 

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