Summer Fruits: Must eat these 5 fruits in summer to reduce heat from your body and to keep it cool


Pineapple is a sour-sweet and juicy fruit. It is rich in Vitamin C, which is very helpful in boosting immunity, so that you can avoid seasonal diseases. The properties present in this fruit are also very beneficial for the bones. It is rich in fiber and anti-oxidants, which are helpful for the digestive system. That’s why to stay healthy in summer, do consume pineapple.


To beat the hot winds, consumption of watermelon is very important. It is very beneficial in terms of health. There is plenty of water in it. Apart from this, it is rich in fiber, potassium, iron and many other elements. Eating watermelon removes the lack of water in the body and maintains coolness in the stomach.


lychee is one of the special fruits of summer. It is a very tasty juicy fruit. There is a lot of water in it. Nutrients like vitamin-C, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium are found in lychee. It is also considered a good fruit for digestion


This fruit is a treasure of health. Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C quantity is high in it. Both these elements help in strengthening the immune system. Apart from this, potassium is found in melons, which is helpful for blood pressure. The beta carotene present in it keeps the eyes healthy. This fruit is also used in many types of sweets.


To get relief from the heat, you can eat vine or drink its juice. Yes, there are great benefits of eating vine in this season. By consuming it, you can avoid many diseases. It is helpful in reducing stomach problems. Fiber, vitamins and all other nutrients are found in this fruit, which is essential for the body.

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