Nasal Polyps: Timely treatment will give relief in nasal polyps, do not ignore these symptoms

Nasal Polyps, Laser Surgeon of Kanpur ENT & Micro Endoscopy, Dr. Devendra Lalchandani told that there are many reasons for polyps in the nose. Due to lack of accurate identification and delay in treatment, they become the cause of serious infection.

Nasal polyps are formed due to abnormal growth of tissues and mass. This is a common infection of the nose. Due to this there is swelling in the nasal mucosa. It is caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria. It affects the nose as well as the sinuses. The majority of cases are seen in adults, but it can happen to men or women at any age.

Due to these, there are many problems like difficulty in breathing and watery nose along with pain. However, the symptoms may be different in each case. Delay in treatment can lead to serious diseases like nasal cancer and sleep apnea. 


To find out its accurate information, doctors conduct some tests. These include nasal endoscopy, CT scan, MRI, allergies, blood, vitamin-D etc.

Protect like this

Clean the nose by mixing salt in water. Use yoga, pranayama and jalneti kriya under the guidance of a yoga instructor and a humidifier in the bedroom. If there is an allergy or infection related to the nose, get immediate treatment and pay special attention to hand hygiene. Be sure to use a mask when going out of the house. 


The disease is treated by injection of steroids, nasal spray and antibiotics according to the disease condition. These medicines should be used only on the advice of the doctor, as they also have many side effects.


If the polyps is large it cannot be cured by medicines. For its diagnosis, doctors adopt the option of surgery. The surgery is performed by telescopic method with microdebrider, cobbler or laser. Along with surgery, immunotherapy and vaccine are also given, so that there is no possibility of re-infection. 

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