Kidney Diet Tips: This salt is very beneficial for kidney patients, know about it

kidney Diet Tips In case of kidney disease, it becomes very important to follow a special diet. Especially there is a need to be careful about the consumption of salt. So let’s know what kind of salt kidney patients can eat.

kidney Diet Tips: When we consume sodium excessively, it increases both our blood volume and blood pressure. Persistent high blood pressure due to high salt intake can increase the chances of developing serious kidney diseases including heart disease and stroke. 

Which salt is best for kidney patients?

According to experts, patients suffering from kidney disease can eat rock salt. If your kidney is not working properly, then the doctor advises you to reduce the intake of salt. This is because excess salt increases blood pressure, which can be harmful for kidney patients. But still if you want to add a little salt to the food, then you should use rock salt. The amount of sodium in this salt is less. Along with this, essential minerals like iron, zinc, manganese, copper are also present in rock salt. 

Why diet becomes necessary in kidney disease?

People who suffer from any kidney disease have to strictly follow the renal diet to reduce the amount of waste in the blood. When the kidney is not able to do its work properly, it means that the dirt left over from the food is also not able to be filtered properly. If the wastes remain in your blood, it has a bad effect on the electrolyte levels of the patient. A special diet is prepared for this, so that kidney function can be promoted and it does not fail completely. 

How does sodium harm the kidneys?

Sodium is present in salt, which works to increase blood pressure. If you reduce the amount of salt in the diet, it helps the health of your kidneys. High blood pressure is the second biggest cause of kidney problems.

Which foods are low in sodium?

Popcorn available in the market, French fries with Lagana sauce, breakfast cereals, packaged non-veg, canned vegetable juices, purees, canned soups and processed cheese should be avoided at all costs. 

What then should kidney patients eat?

In case of kidney disease, the amount of sodium, potassium and phosphorus should be taken at least in the diet. It is advisable to take high-fibre in the diet. Kidney patients should also reduce protein intake. Damaged kidneys cannot do their job of excreting the waste that escapes from the proteins.

Disclaimer: The advice and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. 

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