How to check Pregnancy at home: 7 easy and natural ways to know the good news about your future child

Many times, when you miss a period, you can’t wait to get a pregnancy test kit and test it, and you are restless to hear the news of your pregnancy immediately. In situation like that, home remedies can also help you.

Many times women think that she is pregnant but they have to confirm it. There are things available in the market by which one can check the pregnancy itself but home remedies can also help in it, today we are going to tell you some home remedies, by which you can find out at home whether you are pregnant or not. 

1- Vinegar: This test is done by mixing urine in vinegar. If there is a change in color after mixing urine with vinegar, then you may be pregnant. 

2- Glass glasses: If you are pregnant, then after pouring urine in the glass of glass, a white layer will appear on it after some time. If this happens then you may be pregnant.

3- Use of bleach: Take some bleach in a vessel and add urine to it. After this, if bubbles appear in it, then it can be a sign of your pregnancy.

4- Test with sugar: Pregnancy can also be detected by using sugar. First of all you need to Take sugar in a vessel and after mixing urine in it If the sugar sticks together then there may be signs of pregnancy. If the sugar dissolves then you are not pregnant.

5- Soap test: If bubbles are formed when urine is mixed with soap, then the pregnancy test can be positive. 

6- Dettol Test: To do Dettol test, mix equal quantity of urine and Dettol in a glass vessel. If Dettol and urine dissolve, you are not pregnant, but if the urine coats the top and floats, you may be pregnant. 

7- Toothpaste test: You can do pregnancy test by mixing urine sample in white toothpaste. If the color of toothpaste turns blue then it is a sign of pregnancy. 

Things to remember – 

Before taking the pregnancy test, make sure that the toilet has not been used for three hours and the material used in it is clean. Also, after the home test, a doctor should also be consulted. Test results can also be wrong due to some mistake or due to lack of proper information. 

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