Heart Attack: These 3 bad habits can cause heart attack, symptoms and experts review

Habits that increase the threat of a heart attack

  1. Not controlling weight

In this run- of- the- shop life, utmost people are troubled by the problem of rotundity or being fat. Health experts consider this bone of the threat factors for a heart attack. My Health states that rotundity increases the threat of high blood cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, and diabetes, all of which increase the threat of a heart attack. This is why, to reduce the threat of a heart attack, you should reduce your weight over time.

2. Smoking and pressure

numerous studies show that people who bomb and are under stress are more likely to have a heart attack. Actually, smoking causes shrine to make up in the highways over time, narrowing the highways and reducing blood inflow to the heart, due to which the threat of a heart attack increases. also, taking on further stress also increases the problem of high blood pressure, which is seen as the main factor in heart complaint. This is why health professionals advise people not to stress and to avoid smoking.

3. Physical inactivity

Health experts say that if you like a relaxed life, also this habit can increase the threat of a heart attack. There’s no mistrustfulness that physical inactivity significantly increases the threat of heart complaint. Because when the body remains inactive, adipose substances start erecting up in thearteries.However, it can lead to a heart attack, If the highways that carry blood to your heart get damaged or congested. This is why it’s recommended that everyone exercise on a diurnal base. By doing yoga and regular exercise, the threat of heart attack and heart conditions can be reduced to a great extent.

Symptoms of a heart attack

  • increased casket pain
  • to sweat
  • breathlessness
  • Vomiting, nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Unforeseen fatigue

feeling of severe pain, heaviness, or condensation in the centre of the casket for a many twinkles
Pain radiating from the heart to the shoulders, neck, arms, and jaw

Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Must take medical advice before adopting it. The weekly mail does not confirm it.

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