Health Tips: Must eat parathas made of these vegetables in winter to maintain good health with taste

People like to eat hot parathas very much. You can make healthy and tasty parathas with many vegetables. Parathas can be made using spinach, fenugreek, cabbage etc. These are very beneficial for health.

Health Tips: In winter, people enjoy a variety of delicious dishes. People who are fond of food and drink eagerly wait for this season. Actually, green leafy vegetables are available in plenty in winter. In such a situation, you can use them in food according to your choice. These are very beneficial for health.

People prefer to eat hot parathas in winters. If you want, you can make parathas using these vegetables. For example, delicious paratha can be made by including fenugreek, radish, spinach etc. These vegetables are full of nutrients. It is rich in calcium, potassium, iron. These parathas are very healthy along with being tasty. Let us know, which vegetables parathas can be made beneficial for health in this season.

Fenugreek Parathas

Fenugreek leaves contain fiber, iron, protein, manganese, potassium and other vitamins, which help protect against many diseases. It is helpful in digestion, heart and cholesterol problems. If you want, you can enjoy fenugreek parathas in this season.

Spinach Parathas

Iron, minerals, proteins and many vitamins are found in spinach. Anti-oxidant properties are also found in it. With its regular consumption, you can avoid many diseases. If you want to eat healthy parathas in winter, then definitely eat spinach parathas. You can serve these parathas with curd or chutney.

Radish Parathas

Radish is available in abundance in the winter season. Eating it strengthens the digestive system and can provide relief from many health related problems. You can make radish parathas in this season. Grate it and add coriander leaves and salt and parathas can be prepared from this mixture. These parathas are very tasty. 

Cauliflower Parathas

Carbohydrate, iron, calcium and other nutrients are found in abundance in cabbage. You can easily make cauliflower parathas at home. These parathas are very healthy and tasty. 

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