Health Tips: Bitter gourd is no less than a boon for health, but here's the list of things you shouldn't eat with it

Health Tips: Not everyone likes the taste of bitter gourd, but hardly any vegetable has the qualities it has. Nutrients like vitamin-C, iron, zinc, potassium, manganese are found in bitter gourd. It is nothing less than a boon for diabetes patients.

Not only this, it is also considered effective for reducing weight, as well as reducing cholesterol levels. Despite having so many benefits of bitter gourd, consuming some things along with it can prove to be difficult for your health. So let’s know, what things should be avoided with bitter gourd.


Both bitter gourd and curd are considered very beneficial for health, but if you eat these two things together, it can be harmful for you. Yes, it can cause skin problems. That’s why eating curd with bitter gourd vegetables should be avoided.


Milk is always associated with good health, but if you consume milk even after eating bitter gourd vegetables or drinking its juice, then your health may be adversely affected. Eating these two together can cause constipation or burning sensation.


People like to eat mangoes in the summer season. But consuming mango with bitter gourd can be harmful. Due to this, you may have to face digestive problems like acidity, burning sensation, nausea etc.


Radish should not be consumed after eating bitter gourd vegetables. Actually, the effects of radish and bitter gourd are different. Due to which there can be problems of phlegm and gas.

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