Ever wondered why women feel cold more than men?

Whether it is winter season or AC is running somewhere, you must have often seen that women are feeling colder than men. Have you ever thought why this happens? Come, today we are telling you the reason behind this…

It is common to feel cold in a cold environment or you may feel cold when you are sick. However, have you ever wondered why women often feel colder than men? You must have seen that usually women always feel more cold and they need a shawl, sweater or jacket.

Why does it feel colder?

The answer is that women have a lower metabolic rate. Our body’s metabolism produces energy, which includes heat. Everyone’s body temperature is 98.6 degrees, but still men feel hotter. Men have more muscle mass, so heat production is also more. Doctors say that because women have less muscle mass and lower metabolism than men, they feel cold more.

What is the correct temperature?

There have been many studies that have shown that while women prefer a room temperature of 25 degrees, men prefer 22 degrees. According to WHO, if everyone in the house is healthy, then the temperature of the house can be kept up to 18 degrees, but if there are elderly or small children at home, then 20 degrees is correct. At the same time, the temperature of the room should be neither too cold nor too hot for good sleep. While sleeping, keep the temperature of the room as much as you can feel comfortable.

It is not right to be cold all the time

If you keep feeling cold all the time, then it can also be a sign of some disease. You should consult a doctor immediately if:

  • You keep feeling constant shivering, which is not taking the name of recovery.
  • You are having fever for a long time.
  • Your nails have turned blue.
  • Your skin has become very dry.
  • Remember whatever symptoms you are feeling along with the tremors so that the problem can be properly diagnosed.

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