Cough Problem: Are you having cough more often? Here are some things you should not eat to avoid it!

Pollution levels have worsened in most parts of India and in such a situation, people are constantly suffering from cough. Here we are going to tell you that what you should do and what you should not, and things you should not eat while having cough.

The reason behind persistent cough or cold can be increased pollution in the air. To get rid of it along with treatment, it is important to take special care of food as well. Here we are the things which you should not be eat 

Here Is How You Can Make Creamy Dairy-Free Curd Without Any Starter!Curd: you should stop consuming curd if you have cough, also you should not use curd in other things as well like vegetable. Things made from curd can also increase the problem of cough. These things can also cause swelling in the throat. 

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Rice: There is no evidence that rice can aggravate the problem of cough, but it is believed that it does. According to experts, rice is made from oil or ghee and oil can settle in the throat. 

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Deep Fried Foods: If there is phlegm or cough, do not eat things made from oil, people often consume deep fried foods despite being troubled by phlegm which they should not. 

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Barfi: During the Diwali season, people consume more sweets like barfi in sweets. It is believed that natural oil is present in the barfi made from khoya and if you eat it even though you have a cough, then the medicine does not have any effect on the cough. 

Disclaimer: the tips and suggestions mention in the article are for general information. Do not take these as advice from a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of illness or infection, consult a doctor. 

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